WRS – 001

Stop the drama! And so I was texted. This, coming from a friend who got tired of listening to all my whining about work related stress.

And I say, “don’t blame me”. Yet, who do we blame instead? Problems don’t just come out of nowhere. It comes from a series of actions made by one or a group of people. If you’re in a bad place at a bad time, you attract the negative forces. If you’re feeling lucky, happy, or gay the more chances of attracting problems. The wheel of life turns and you can’t be on the up-side forever. Unfortunately, since life is unfair, when your feeling unlucky, gloomy, or plain old sad, don’t expect the wheel to turn around quickly. Problems are like ants looking for a piece of leftover. They will hunt you down until nothing is left of you. The only way for it to stop is either you get consumed by the ants or somebody picks you up. Now, where you are thrown to in another story.

End of  Work Related Stress log 001


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