The Quest for the Ultimate Halo Halo (Super Bowl)

And I always ask my sister that we have halo-halo almost each time I see her.

I can’t remember what we did this day, but obviously I was able to drag her all the way to Super Bowl.

The verdict:

1. Super Bowl Halo-Halo w/One Scoop of Ice Cream 120.00

Texture of the ice was a bit rough. Sweetness is ok. Ill just make it short. Just a Plain Expensive Halo-halo. Nothing really special about.

2.Mango Sago 80.00

Its Ice Mixed With Mango and a few Sago. My sister liked it, however I felt it was too “Malabnaw”. I was expecting it would be a bit creamy like the halo halo.


Tastes like the phased out mango ice craze from jollibee. Just add Sago.


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