What? Spiderman Knows how to speak Japanese? (Universal Studios Japan)

So here I am doing the universal symbol of peace just below a big globe with lots of water sprinklers around. Part of the privilege we got while working in Japan is we get to go to Universal Studios for free 😀

While some of my annoying YM buddies keep on advertising their plan to go to somewhere in Baguio, I was busy packing up to my first roadtrip in Japan. (Oh yes I have to pack my passport :D).  I still wonder why you keep on sending me messages yet you don’t plan to invite me. Talk about sarcasm here.

Our office is  in Osaka City which a few train ride away to universal Studios. Travel time I think, is about 1.5 hours. Plus you need to transfer to different train cabs along the way. Special thanks to Ms. Jamie here for she’s the only one who can fluently speak Japanese within the team. Arigatou Gozaimashita!

Just like typical Foreigners, here’s our pic before boarding the train to Universal Studios. Yes, all the trains that goes to USJ is fully decorated like the one you see on the pic.

This one is dedicated to my partner tal. Yes dear, we were supposed to post like gay people here. My stance above is the most gay stance I can ever make. Im not sure what’s on the back ground but its definitely for the little girl’s bubbly hearts.

All the rides are really great! Unfortunately you need to wait for at least 45 minutes before you ride any of their attractions. Really hard to explain the rides individually but all of them are really fascinating. Too bad it rained later in the afternoon  so some of the rides need to be closed and  there were no fireworks that night.

Still it was a great experience for me.


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